What is the value of blockchain (what are the values of blockchain)

What is the value of blockchain (what are the values of blockchain)

What is the value of blockchain? According to Phoenix News, what is the value of blockchain? What is its purpose? Its main value lies in solving trust problems. Blockchain is a distributed database technology that provides secure and tamper proof digital accounting services globally, characterized by decentralization, security, and traceability; While Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin adopt the new mode of “consensus mechanism+smart contract” for transaction settlement and clearing, thus ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the entire network. It is one of the most popular applications at present

What is the value of blockchain

According to the report of coinelegraph, CryptoNote, an open source Cryptocurrency project created by American computer scientist and blockchain technology expert David B. Weisberger, currently has more than 5 million users, and the value of the project is 1 billion dollars. It is reported that “Bitcoin” is one of the largest decentralized applications in the world. It uses Cryptography principles to protect data from network attacks, and can also be used for smart contracts. In addition, these functions can be used as a “distributed system” to solve the transaction problems on the blockchain and provide more transparent, secure and Tamper resistance functions.

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