What does metamask mean (what does mesomask mean)?

What does metamask mean?Original author: William M. PeasterIn the past few mont

What does metamask mean (what does mesomask mean)?

What does metamask mean?Original author: William M. Peaster

In the past few months, as more and more DeFi projects have begun to join the Ethereum ecosystem, gas fees on Ethereum have been soaring. However, recently, some well-known cryptocurrency investors have also found that they still do not have enough money to use various decentralized applications (DApps) on Ethereum. And now there is a saying that Metamask is a new and more powerful DEX protocol – it is a decentralized exchange that provides developers and users with customizable trading strategies and automated market-making tools, allowing developers to easily deploy their own dApps on any Ethereum network. Although these two different products have their own unique use cases, they both have the same goal: to create a better experience for their users by building Ethereum-compatible applications and supporting other Ethereum tokens; in addition, MetaMask also allows users to create custom asset portfolios, making their investments easier and more feasible. Therefore, what does “metamask” mean? In fact, “Metamask” refers to bringing a decentralized financial system into a completely open online world, where people can freely manage various types of investment strategies and smart contracts.

So let’s try to understand the term MetaMask. What is metamask? First, we need to understand what Metamask is.

For ordinary people, if they want to create a dApp based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard, they must have a third-party that can send funds directly from the Ethereum wallet without trust. However, to create a truly meaningful blockchain DAPP and interact with it, the most basic thing is to use the target chain as the foundation. When you click “Connect to your Ethereum wallet”, you will be redirected to your wallet. Then you can choose which smart contracts you want to run and then log in to this contract. This way, you can not only release various tokens and ERC20 tokens on multiple Ethereum blockchains, but also use these tokens or ERC-721 tokens to generate NFTs or tokens.

To help everyone understand this term, let’s put it simply: “I hope you can see all the smart contracts that can achieve this vision here.” Why is it called that?

Because we know that Metamask has become a very successful DApp market, so its appearance has attracted a large number of users, while reducing some costs – this is because the platform has more than 300,000 registered users, and it is currently adding new users every day. For most DeFi users, this cost is very high, especially those who encounter problems when using Ethereum, such as on Dex platforms like Uniswap and Sushiswap.

What does mesomask mean?

On September 6th, news broke that mesomask is a decentralized autonomous organization composed of NFTs. People with voting rights in this DAO can receive rewards in the ratio of the token and token quantity they want to use.

According to the introduction: MESOMask is an application based on Ethereum, which includes tools for creating profiles, transactions, and other activities, which are designed to provide users with opportunities to interact with any Web3 application (such as MetaMask, etc.). In addition, MesoMask will also allow projects to make money by using memos. (Medium)

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