The Secrets of Dragon Valley Mobile Sword Saint Leveling and Skill Allocation! (Sword Saint Leveling and Skill Combination, Achieve the Path of Invincible War God!)

The Secrets of Dragon Valley Mobile Sword Saint Leveling and Skill Allocation! (

The Secrets of Dragon Valley Mobile Sword Saint Leveling and Skill Allocation! (Sword Saint Leveling and Skill Combination, Achieve the Path of Invincible War God!) Dragon Valley Mobile Sword Saint is the Warrior’s advanced class. Sword Saints have extremely strong burst abilities and can easily deal high damage in PVP battles. So, how should a Sword Saint allocate their skill points? Today, the editor will bring you a guide: “Dragon Valley Mobile” Sword Saint Leveling and Skill Allocation Secrets! Hope you all like it!

Sword Saint, Warrior’s level 15 advanced class, excels in close combat attacks, using multiple attacks to knock down opponents and deal damage. Sword Saints have the strongest melee output and have relatively low difficulty in operation, making them one of the most beloved professions among new players.

[Skill Combination for Leveling]

For leveling, it is recommended to choose Heavy Hook, Opening Skill, Whirlwind Slash, Deadly Cleaver, allocate 1 point to Burst, 2 points to Buff, max out Punishing Attack, max out Normal Attack, max out Whirlwind Slash; adjust Floating, Evade, 1 point to Charge Slash, 1 point to Burst, and do not allocate points to others.

[Strategy Analysis]

When leveling, due to the Sword Saint’s powerful output ability, we can directly use the Opening Skill, Whirlwind Slash, Swing Strike, and Rolling Attack as the main output skills. Whirlwind Slash and Rolling Attack are the priority choices. Afterward, you can choose according to your own needs. Generally speaking, both Whirlwind Slash and Rolling Attack are essential skills. As a melee profession, Sword Saints have strong burst power, so they are also competitive in leveling. However, it is important to note that because Sword Saints do not have many positioning skills, it is necessary to try to avoid engaging with enemies when surrounded or when the boss is in close proximity.

[Crest Combination]

After discussing the output skills, let’s take a look at the crest combination. As a melee DPS profession, Sword Saints naturally need to match some defensive crests. There are many types of crests, each with different attribute bonuses. Defense crests have relatively higher defense attribute bonuses, while Life, Giant Bear, Destruction, Iron Wall, and Curtain belong to auxiliary crests.

It is recommended to use three-attribute crests, but it is best not to use three-attribute crests as the benefits for physical output are not high. At the same time, three-attribute crests are also more difficult to obtain.

[Dragon Gem Embedding]

There are five positions for dragon gems: physical attack, magic attack, physical defense, and magic defense. These five dragon gem positions can be enhanced through refinement to increase personal attributes. They can also be upgraded through synthesis. Among them, magic attack and physical defense crests can only be upgraded through synthesis, while the other three-attribute crests can be obtained through sprite eggs.

Above are the secrets of Sword Saint leveling and skill allocation in Dragon Valley Mobile. Hope it can help all the players.

Sword Saint Leveling and Skill Combination, Achieve the Path of Invincible War God!

In “Sword Saint,” skills are very important. Each hero has four skills, corresponding to different combat styles, attributes, and effects. Players can match heroes according to their preferences.

Guide for Sword Saint skill allocation and combination:

Heroes gain 5 skill points when leveling up, and skill points can be increased by upgrading skills. Therefore, players should prioritize upgrading skills in the early stages because a large number of skill points are needed to improve the hero’s attributes in the later stages.

When you reach level 20, the system will give you an initial skill: “Fury Strike.” This skill can cause additional physical damage to the target. It can also provide a life-stealing buff to enhance your survival ability.

When reaching level 25, the system will give you an ultimate skill: “Blizzard.” This skill can not only cause area freezing damage but also deal additional freezing damage.

After level 30, players can activate the first ultimate skill: “Fatal Strike” (active release). It deals damage to the enemy while applying additional bleeding effect, causing a certain percentage of damage per second for 3 seconds.

After reaching level 40, players can activate the second ultimate skill: “Thunder Strike.” It deals damage to enemies in a straight line in front and applies additional bleeding effect, causing continuous damage and reducing their movement speed.

When reaching level 60, players can activate the third ultimate skill: “Destruction Ray” (passive trigger). Every normal attack has a chance to deal damage and stun a random enemy for 2 seconds.

After level 60, players can activate the fourth ultimate skill: “Death Guardian.” It summons a Death Guardian to assist in attacking enemies. The guardian has the same HP and attack power as a regular guardian but has higher HP and attack power.

After level 60, players can activate the fifth skill: “Magic Shield.” It absorbs a certain amount of damage while immunizing against some control effects (such as stun, immobilization). It also restores a certain amount of mana, further improving your survival ability!

“Sword Saint” is a game published by Tencent, based on the classic Dota and combining MOBA and RPG elements, providing a new game for players who love Dota and LOL.

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