Berserker’s new skill points tips in Dragon Valley, secret cheats for high damage and map farming revealed! (Enjoy monster killing without pressure! Berserker’s violent skill point guide unveiled!)

Berserker\’s new skill points tips in Dragon Valley, secret cheats for high dama

Berserker’s new skill points tips in Dragon Valley, secret cheats for high damage and map farming revealed! (Enjoy monster killing without pressure! Berserker’s violent skill point guide unveiled!) Berserker’s skill point guide.

First, let’s understand this class. Berserker is currently the most popular character in the game. Berserker is a melee class with extremely high attack power and fast attack speed. Although Berserker’s skills have a wide range, they have a shorter attack distance compared to other classes. Therefore, the skill combination of Berserker is particularly important. Berserker’s skills have high damage and smooth combo execution.

Let’s analyze Berserker’s skills. Berserker’s skills can be divided into three categories: Punishment, Whirlwind, Range Bomb, and Rolling Attack. These four skills correspond to Berserker’s three main active output skills and one passive output skill. Punishment is an AoE skill that can knock surrounding enemies into the air, allowing for skill combo execution. Whirlwind is a single-target output skill that can deal a large amount of damage to surrounding enemies. Range Bomb is a single-target skill that can explode all enemies in the vicinity, causing tons of damage. Rolling Attack is an AoE skill that can pull monsters towards the character within a certain range, causing tons of damage and inflicting stun effects. Therefore, when performing skill combos as a Berserker, it is important to pay attention to positioning and attack rhythm to avoid being controlled by enemy skills.

Berserker’s passive skill is called Rotating Impact. Rotating Impact is an AoE skill that can deal massive AOE damage to surrounding monsters and push back enemies. For a melee class like Berserker, Rotating Impact is definitely the best choice. Berserker, as a melee class, also has decent passive skills. It can not only increase Berserker’s damage ability but also enhance their survivability by boosting their HP, giving Berserker good sustainability!

Next, let’s talk about Berserker’s active output skills. Berserker’s main active skills are Triple Slash, Swing Stance, Straight Rush, and Fatal Cleave. These skills correspond to Berserker’s three main active output skills: Triple Slash, Whirlwind, and Straight Rush. Triple Slash is Berserker’s primary output skill and main method of dealing damage. The skill has high flexibility and can deal decent damage. It also has a wide attack range. To fully unleash Berserker’s potential, it is necessary to pose a certain threat to enemies.

Berserker’s passive skill is Whirlwind Dance. Berserker’s Whirlwind Dance is a burst output skill that can cause AoE damage and reduce the movement speed of surrounding enemies. With this skill, Berserker gains strong survivability and damage output!

Regarding skill selection, as a ranged and highly mobile class, Berserker’s skill combination is crucial. Because Berserker’s skill damage is high, especially in PvP, they can nearly defeat opponents with just one move. Berserker is the most dominant class in both PvE and PvP, displaying excellent performance in both aspects!

Finally, let’s take a look at Berserker’s passive skills.

Enjoy monster killing without pressure! Berserker’s violent skill point guide unveiled!

As the first job of Warriors in Dragon Valley, Berserker possesses powerful melee output abilities. With the addition of the second job-class, Berserker has undergone a qualitative change.

Now let’s analyze the skill point allocation for Berserker in Dragon Valley. As the first job-class of Berserker, they have strong output capabilities. However, Berserker has a relatively small skill attack range. Therefore, when choosing skills, it is necessary to pay attention to some techniques. Now, let’s explain in detail how to maximize Berserker’s potential through images and text.

Berserker Skill Point Allocation Chart

[Skill Recommendations]

Stomp, Whirlwind Slash, Whirlwind Storm, Heavy Hammer, Typhoon


As a Warrior class, Berserker’s main output skills are AoE damage, so it is recommended to use the Stomp skill. Stomp can deal a significant amount of damage to surrounding enemies and ensure Berserker’s survival ability. Whirlwind Slash is also a ranged damage skill, so selecting Whirlwind Slash can deal continuous damage to enemy units. Whirlwind Storm is an AoE skill that, when used, can increase Berserker’s movement speed, making it easier for them to dodge monster attacks. Typhoon is the primary output skill of Berserker, not only able to push back enemies but also interrupt enemy skill casting, allowing for consecutive pursuit.

[Skill Combination]

As Berserker is a short-range physical damage class, it is recommended to have Whirlwind Storm as the first skill equipped. Whirlwind Storm has a very short cooldown. Although Berserker relies on skills for damage dealing, the skill usage is not always stable. If there are not enough skill points to use, it can easily lead to a long skill cooldown, preventing Berserker from fully unleashing their power. Therefore, when combining skills, it is recommended to have Whirlwind Slash as the second skill and replace it with Heavy Hammer. This will significantly increase Berserker’s attack power and enhance their output capabilities.

[Practical test]

In actual combat, Berserker’s output capability is not very high. Therefore, in practical combat, it is best to combine Heavy Hammer and Whirlwind Slash. This will greatly enhance Berserker’s burst damage, taking their output to a higher level. Of course, these two skills can also be interchanged; just pay attention to the skill combinations.


Overall, Berserker is a relatively balanced class. With proper skill combinations and effective combat techniques, Berserker’s combat capabilities will become even more powerful.

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