The Great Revelation of Dragon General’s Battle Skills! Help You Become the Strongest Zenmouqu Player! (Mastering Dragon General’s Skill Branch, Responding Calmly to Various Battle Situations!)

The Great Revelation of Dragon General\’s Battle Skills! Help You Become the St

The Great Revelation of Dragon General’s Battle Skills! Help You Become the Strongest Zenmouqu Player! (Mastering Dragon General’s Skill Branch, Responding Calmly to Various Battle Situations!) “Dragon General’s Battle” is Netease’s first “Zenmouqu” mobile game. The game has a unique gameplay system and allows players to freely switch professions during battles. By combining various strategies, players can create their own formations! There are many battles in the game, so what are the combat skills of “Dragon General’s Battle”? Below, I will share some personal insights about “Dragon General’s Battle”.

The combat skills of “Dragon General’s Battle” can be divided into the following categories:

1. Skill Release

In “Dragon General’s Battle,” skill release includes normal attacks and special attacks. Normal attacks are just regular attacks, while special attacks are skills used during battles.

2. Pre-battle Arrangement

The pre-battle arrangement in “Dragon General’s Battle” mainly involves tactical arrangements. At the beginning of the game, Dragon General’s Battle will release a banner skill, which will be automatically cast when enemies enter the battlefield. Players can drag and drop the skill icons to choose the arrangement position.

3. Formation Placement

The placement of formations in the game is also important. Players can place traps or buildings on the map according to their needs. For example, two defense towers or arrow towers can be placed, but these are not guaranteed to be 100% successful.

4. Battle Power Calculation

In battles, players need to understand the outcome of their battles. Generally, the outcome in Dragon General’s Battle is determined by the total HP of both sides’ camps. In Dragon General’s Battle, player attributes do not change.

5. Profession Selection

The main role of Dragon General in “Dragon General’s Battle” is in the campaign, where players can choose professions that suit their teams. For example, the healing profession is the best partner for Dragon General’s Battle.

6. Battle Analysis

The main battle mode in the game is the chariot battle. In the game’s battles, players can bring multiple different characters to fight, and they can use different war machines to change the battle situation in different scenes.

7. Profession Selection

If players want to play this game well, they must understand the advantages of each profession. In the game, the positioning and role of each profession are different.

8. Formation Arrangement

Each profession has different positions in the formation, and the arrangement of formations also requires attention. For example, Dragon General’s position is a defensive one, so there must be a Dragon General in the formation, as Dragon General cannot move or stand on the battlefield in the game.

9. Skill Usage

In battles, Dragon General not only uses war horses, but also various different skills, such as active skills and passive skills.

The above are some points that the editor has summarized for everyone. I hope it can help you.

Mastering Dragon General’s Skill Branch, Responding Calmly to Various Battle Situations!

Dragon General is the world’s first Three Kingdoms-themed card game. In the game, in order to gain an advantage in the battle, players must master skill branches. Today, I will share some experiences about skill branches for your reference and learning. I wish all lords to reach the top of the PK leaderboard soon!

In the game “Dragon General,” the battle is the main way for players to obtain high-level equipment and generals. In order to quickly level up and improve their own strength, besides campaign copies, there are also other activities and gameplay. Therefore, if you want to win in battles, you must understand different battle situations. So how should we match skills in battle situations? Let me introduce it to you.

[AoE Damage Type]

Let’s start with AoE damage skills. In “Dragon General,” AoE skills have the highest damage among all AoE skills. Although AoE skills do not have strong attack power, their additional effects are very powerful. They can cause a large amount of damage to enemy troops. If the enemy is attacked by AoE skills, they will be in big trouble. Therefore, AoE damage skills have the highest output among all AoE skills. It is recommended to pair them with tanky heroes like Zhang Fei to absorb damage. In terms of skill combination, it is recommended to match it with group healing. This way, the heroes in the formation can ensure their safety before the battle starts, and they can also deal a fatal blow to the opponents at critical moments.

[Single Target Burst Type]

Lastly, let’s talk about single target burst skills. In “Dragon General,” there are mainly two types of single target burst skills: group damage skills and control skills. Group damage skills mainly deal high damage to single targets, but their additional effects are very powerful. When the enemy is hit by group damage skills, as long as the group damage skill is triggered, it can cause very high damage to the target. This is very useful for levels where single target burst damage is needed or where group damage skills are needed for harvesting. However, since single target burst skills are usually AoE-type, we should be careful when using them. It is better not to use single target burst skills as AoE skills, but as control skills. This way, excessive damage can be avoided, which may affect the development of the entire team.

[Healing Type]

Finally, let’s talk about healing skills. In fact, there are not many healing skills, but healing skills are very suitable for special situations. For example, in battles against bosses like Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, failure often occurs due to low HP. Therefore, healing skills can be paired with healing or control-type heroes. Of course, healing heroes have their own special attributes, so it is important to pay attention to the matching in order to achieve victory in the battle.

After reading the above content, I believe that all lords have a deeper understanding of skill branches! If you still have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

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