[Translation]:Legend of the Blood Battle Devil Emperor: The Ultimate Showdown that Challenges Fate (Conquest of the Gods: Reshaping the Heroic Era of the Devil Emperor Legend)

Legend of the Blood Battle Devil Emperor: The Ultimate Showdown that Challenges

Legend of the Blood Battle Devil Emperor: The Ultimate Showdown that Challenges Fate (Conquest of the Gods: Reshaping the Heroic Era of the Devil Emperor Legend) is a classic single-player role-playing game, where players control a demon sealed in reincarnation and embark on a fascinating and mysterious journey with immortals. Here, I will bring you the gameplay guide for Legend of the Blood Battle Devil Emperor: The Ultimate Showdown that Challenges Fate (Conquest of the Gods: Reshaping the Heroic Era of the Devil Emperor Legend).

【Story Synopsis】

“Legend of the Blood Battle Devil Emperor” is a series of anime adaptations developed and produced by the well-known domestic online drama writer “Tiangong Xingyun” and his team, and published by Shanghai Sealion Interactive Entertainment. It tells the story of the Eastern Empress, one of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors who are honored as noble humans, and the Southern Ancestor, as they relentlessly slaughter all evil forces in the world to ultimately unify the world.

【Detailed Plot】

1. Eastern Empress

Endowed with the power of the Nine Cauldrons, it is a high-level artifact created by the ancient Yu. Legend has it that it controls the mystery of the heavens and earth’s elements, having understanding of all things and the ability to transform into powerful strength. His son once suffered from mistreatment, but later became the foster son of Sun Wukong, the Martial King of the Big Dipper Six Stars. Later, upon learning that the whereabouts of the Supreme Old Lord were unknown, he sent Princess Longji to assist in the search for answers, but ultimately discovered something unimaginable.

2. Xiaobai Long

He was born as an unknown swordsman and learned music, chess, calligraphy, and painting from a young age, mastering various martial arts techniques. Although he has a handsome appearance, he harbors a violent presence within because he develops a strong resistance desire when his heart disease attacks. Therefore, he has always kept a low profile.

3. Nezha

Nezha is a child left behind by the West Bo Marquis, born in the Chi You clan. One day, even if he has only one life left, he will step into the mortal world. However, this group of lost souls seems to be launching an attack on Nezha…

4. Chang’e

She was originally a jade rabbit with two wings, with a cute and lively appearance like a kitten, and often gives people a sense of being lovely and silly. She was originally an old man who practiced for thousands of years, but for some reason, she could no longer live a normal life until she met Green Phoenix and realized that it was actually a battle.

5. Fuxi

Fuxi was born under the Xuan Yuan Emperor Huangdi. According to legend, Fuxi has a very high status and is the most loyal best friend and confidant of all righteous disciples. Her mother, Fuxi, is also an incredibly beautiful woman.

6. Daji

Daji was originally the daughter of the Lord of Goryeo, but disappeared due to the influence of a conspiracy since she was a child. Now, for some reason, she came to the mortal world to find her father, and thus took her parents to find her wife. However, she unexpectedly met a couple — two women.

7. Lady Chong’rong

Lady Chong’rong was originally the first emperor of the Shang Dynasty, but as time passed, she became the last protector of the Qin Dynasty, the Primordial Beginning Celestial Lord. Through repeated battles for the central plains, she gradually understood the history of China and began to study how to develop her life, becoming the second queen after Tang Xuanzong’s successor. She is the one and only female priestess and also the youngest female priestess.

8. Yang Jian

Yang Jian was born in Yanjiao Plain County of the Yin Dynasty, although he is old, he can no longer easily follow his father’s commands.

Conquest of the Gods: Reshaping the Heroic Era of the Devil Emperor Legend

In “Conquest of the Gods”, you will become a hero who saves the world!

The game is a mobile game version of the Devil Emperor Legend adapted from Greek mythology. In the background story, it is well known that Greece and India are eras of intertwined civilizations, while Egypt is an epic period of human and elf tribes. After experiencing many historical wars, players finally welcome the ultimate ruler, Chi You. And after that, everyone will once again collide on the fantasy continent and step into the immortal Western dynasty – the mysteries of the Heraldim Kingdom.

As a new adventure, you will enter the Gate of the World: this brand new realm of magic will be completely shattered, and everything will be determined by you!

【About the “Gods”】

Among the many characters, two outstanding characters are undisputedly the protagonists – Athena and Apollo. Athena’s strength lies in her ability to manipulate flames to attack enemies and summon the power of thunder and lightning to deal massive damage to enemy units. Apollo, on the other hand, is a formidable existence who can summon meteorites that gleam with light and cause huge damage to enemy units with the lightsaber in his hand.

Both Athena and Apollo have their own unique skills. One can transform themselves into a giant dragon and launch a fierce charge against enemies, while the other can repel enemies in the front. Players can choose which one to play based on their preferences. If you prefer solo fighting, then Athena is definitely your best choice![Keywords]: Blood Battle Devil Emperor, Ultimate Showdown, Conquest of the Gods

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