Best career choices for Dragon Valley 2 guide revealed! (Unique career choices in Dragon Valley 2: Revealing the most underrated but powerful careers!)

Dragon Valley 2\’s best career choices revealed! (Unique career choices in Drago

Dragon Valley 2’s best career choices revealed! (Unique career choices in Dragon Valley 2: Revealing the most underrated but powerful careers!) Dragon Valley 2’s best career choices revealed!

All four careers in Dragon Valley 2 mobile game are quite popular and have excellent role attributes. Each career has different skill attributes, and players need to choose different roles to match in battles.

Currently, there are four different career roles in the game: Sage, Priest, and Archer God.

The Sage’s role is a tank career, capable of withstanding damage and has the ability to protect teammates.

The Priest’s role is a healing support career, capable of healing and restoring teammates, while also having a certain level of output ability.

The Archer God’s role is a damage output career, capable of long-range attacks and attacking enemies, while also having long-range output ability. When playing, players need to coordinate their own equipment.

Dragon Valley 2 mobile game introduction:

“Dragon Valley OL” is a 3D magical adventure RPG mobile game developed by Zu Long Entertainment and published by Tencent.

The sequel “Dragon Valley 2” created by the core team of the original game inherits the splendid and colorful world view and character settings of the previous classic ARPG game, allowing you to experience the fun at your fingertips through rich PVE gameplay. The newly upgraded social system allows you to make friends, explore ruins islands, and break through the gates of the shattered void…

Unique career choices in Dragon Valley 2: Revealing the most underrated but powerful careers!

“Dragon Valley 2” is the first MMO mobile game under NetEase. The game’s careers are divided into three: Priest, Sword Saint, and Archer. In this game, there are a total of four careers: Saint, Sorcerer, Elementalist, and Ranger. Let’s briefly introduce these careers below!

First, let’s talk about the Sanctuary. This career is positioned as a melee brawler and is indispensable in team battles. For the other two careers, it is a career that heavily relies on equipment. From the attribute panel, the Paladin belongs to the tank type, having extremely excellent tanking capabilities. The Sorcerer is a long-range spellcasting output career with powerful burst damage capabilities. The Archer is a physical long-range attack type career with strong flexibility.

Next, let’s talk about the Priest. Although the healing effect in the game is not particularly good at the moment, the Priest’s skills mainly focus on restoring the health of teammates or oneself. The Priest’s support skills are also very powerful, capable of healing and enhancing the status of teammates. In battles, the Priest can heal and increase the health of all members of the team. Their own skills are also quite good, so choosing the Priest is definitely a good choice if you want to play as a healer!

Next is the Sword Saint. The Sword Saint is the only career in the game that can summon pets to fight. In battles, the Sword Saint can summon a sword to attack and can also inflict slowing and continuous damage effects on enemies. The Sword Saint’s operation difficulty is not high, and in the game, the Sword Saint not only has considerable damage but also possesses certain control and support abilities. Therefore, for friends who like operating skills, we highly recommend using this character!

Finally, we want to remind everyone that the Saint in the game is actually more suitable for civilian players. Although their operation requirements are relatively low, most of their skills are area-of-effect damage, which is not very friendly to some novice players!

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