The Return of the Dragon God! Mu Chen Advances and Rises in the Primitive World (Reborn Dragon God! Mu Chen Ventures into the Primitive World)

The Return of the Dragon God! Mu Chen Advances and Rises in the Primitive World

The Return of the Dragon God! Mu Chen Advances and Rises in the Primitive World (Reborn Dragon God! Mu Chen Ventures into the Primitive World). Many buddies may not be familiar with this, so let me introduce the Return of the Dragon God! Mu Chen Advances and Rises in the Primitive World (Reborn Dragon God!) Mu Chen Ventures into the Primitive World. Interested buddies can learn more about it.

[New Version – “The Return of the Dragon God” The Gate of the Primitive World]

In the latest expansion of “The Return of the Dragon God,” we will embark on a new chapter. In this part, a new character named “Heavenly Beast – Red Cloud” will make an appearance. After this update, the game will enter the first phase of the Primitive World.

The newly added gameplay in this update includes the Nine Dark Abyss, Flame Mountain, and Cloud Fire Cave dungeons. At the same time, eight major factions will be opened, bringing more abundant content to players.

In addition, the game has also introduced an exclusive mount “Blue Flame Kirin,” which has a very handsome appearance. At the same time, the game will launch an exclusive costume “Golden Scale Cape,” as well as a powerful warrior – Thunderous Thousand Catties!

In addition to the above content, this version also adds several new weapons, namely the Sword Saint series equipment and the Knife Emperor series equipment. In this version, a new activity will be opened, and players can obtain permanent orange weapons and exclusive title “Headhunter” through participating in this special activity. There are also many rare items, such as Dragon Soul, and various mysterious rewards waiting for everyone to obtain.

Furthermore, this new expansion of “The Return of the Dragon God” will also introduce some new features, such as:

1. “Refinement” system;

2. “Spirit Stone Synthesis.” In the Refinement interface, players can use corresponding quantities of Dragon Soul, Dragon Ball, and other items to synthesize corresponding items.

3. “Melting,” in the Melting interface, players can use a certain amount of Dragon Crystal, coins, jade stones, or other items to upgrade the level and quality of Dragon Soul and jade stones, thereby further enhancing their own attributes.

In addition to these, “The Return of the Dragon God” also introduces a unique secondary occupation called “Battle Fury.” The Battle Fury is a melee output class with excellent attack damage and skill characteristics. It also has good HP and defense capabilities, serving as a meat shield in battles.

Additionally, the distinguishing feature of “Battle Fury” is its anger value. At the beginning of the battle, the Battle Fury will accumulate a certain amount of anger. When the anger accumulates to a certain level, the Battle Fury will enter a burst state and deal tremendous damage to enemies. At the same time, the Battle Fury’s own skills will also be strengthened.

Above is the introduction to “The Return of the Dragon God” The Primitive World by Mu Chen’s Advance and Rise.

Reborn Dragon God! Mu Chen Ventures into the Primitive World

“Reborn Dragon God” is the first global MMORPG mobile game developed by Beijing Kunlun Technology, a Chinese mobile game publisher, with an oriental fantasy theme. In the game, players will play as a young hero who enters the Primitive World and embarks on the path of cultivating immortality. After experiencing a long journey, they will eventually become a fearless, courageous, and wise king. Now let’s see how this adorable little pet is summoned!

“Honour of Kings” is a large-scale multiplayer online role-playing mobile game that combines modern elements and cartoon rendering technology with a Western fantasy world as the background. The game is made with a 3D engine and combines grand game scenes, allowing players to experience the shocking and magnificent visual effects similar to PC games. The game features over 300 original characters waiting for players to challenge. Players can obtain resources, enhance their power and growth through various means in the game. There are also numerous dungeon levels and PVP competitive activities for players to participate in. The game also introduces nurturing and unique gameplay so that players can further understand this magical world.

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