Dragon Century 3: Dialogue Subtitles Fully Presented! (Unique! Dragon Century 3 Dialogue Subtitles New Presentation Method)

Dragon Century 3: Dialogue Subtitles Fully Presented! (Unique! Dragon Century 3

Dragon Century 3: Dialogue Subtitles Fully Presented! (Unique! Dragon Century 3 Dialogue Subtitles New Presentation Method) Dragon Century 3: Dialogue BGM Fully Presented! I believe many players still don’t know, right? This new voice language music is really good! Let’s take a look together!

Firstly, let’s talk about the translation of the battle interface. Although there is no novelty, there is a new “dui” (yes) sound in the dialogue options.

This voice can be said to be a very classic way of expression!

In battles, we can directly use this English to express everything we have experienced, while not during battles!

After conversations and battles end, the voice language will be replaced by a precise and simple line instead of a short animation (e.g. I was speaking English at the beginning), and this line is completely free, you can experience it without spending any money.

In the game, we can use this new text to play some content in the game!

Although there are no changes, our voice language in battles still retains its original taste!

Although no additional dialogue voices have been added in the game, we have added a few new voice languages for each character, so the voice language in battles will be reorganized!

Unique! Dragon Century 3 Dialogue Subtitles New Presentation Method

Unique! Dragon Century 3 Dialogue Lyrics Fresh Handling Method, I believe many buddies are not very clear about this, next, let me introduce it to you uniquely! Dragon Century 3 Dialogue BGM refreshingly presented.

I have already discovered that the translation of the dialogue language is very concise and simplified, making it easier for players to understand some vocabulary expressions while playing the game.

Firstly, let’s talk about the voice subtitles. I always thought it was English, but later I found out it was actually Japanese. After my test, I finally understood that it’s actually Japanese. Therefore, we can change it to Chinese voice language.

After you finish watching it, do you feel that the visuals have become more vibrant and exquisite? Actually, it’s not the case. What you need to do in the game is to listen to the lines of the dialogue and make selections. In the process of the game, we will see various options for you to interact with, such as tasks, dungeons, battles, etc., and these are all dialogues composed of musical notes.

When you are talking to other people, you can also choose to press the “F” key to perform different actions. However, I still prefer to separate all the choices, so as not to affect your character’s actions and attacks.

Finally, I want to mention that in “Dragon Century 3”, every dialogue of the player will display a clear text prompt, and when you communicate with a specific character, their dialogue voice will also appear. Therefore, players must pay attention to this when interacting with them.

Of course, the battles and exploration in “Dragon Century 3” also adopt this style, so when you are in a dialogue, you can simply press Ctrl+Q to automatically switch to the battle shortcut keys. Of course, if players accidentally make mistakes in their operations, they can also click the enter button on the screen to switch.

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